The flowers in my Garden - Sketchbook


The Flowers in my Garden - Sketchbook
Note: Watch video posted on my youtube channel

A video about the inspiration I find in our backyard, with sketchbook pages of watercolour and gouache studies showing cosmos and zinnias, along with a tour of our garden.

Early in the morning, when the temperature is cool, I set up in our backyard and paint for about an hour. But before opening my sketchbook and picking up the paintbrush, I sit there in silence for a moment and do nothing.

I look around and listen. I observe and absorb my surroundings. As my eyes adjust to the light, the intricate patterns, shapes and colours of the flowers, plants and trees are revealed to me. It is wonderful to watch birds, bees, butterflies, squirrels, chipmunks and yes, insects. Relaxed, I feel connected to nature and am ready to paint.