Apr 2015

Bird paintings

Since 1999, my husband, Robert, and I have been travelling across Canada to discover and paint the Canadian landscape. Throughout our travels, I have accumulated a precious collection of photos depicting villages, cities, the country, farm animals, the sea, nature and wildlife as inspiration for future paintings.

Painting wildlife has always appealed to me, but I struggled with the question of what would be different about my wildlife art from the many exceptional wildlife painters.

During a trip to British Columbia in September 2014, we stayed at a B&B in Pemberton (Country Meadows B&B). The co-owner, Brenda, showed me her stunning pictures of wildlife taken on and near her property. Two passionate women talking about wildlife made for a strong connection and an animated conversation at the breakfast table. We parted as new friends.

Two weeks later, I received an email from Brenda with many photo attachments, encouraging me to use her material to start painting wildlife! The photos kept coming and they still do to this day. Her generosity was overwhelming and inspiring.

After my last solo art exhibit “Impressions of Canada” in October 2014, I picked up a pencil and tentatively began drawing birds. I was hooked! I have so much to learn, yet I embrace with excitement this new subject, wildlife.

See the Recent Work page for these new paintings: Sharp-Shinned Hawk, Rough-Legged Hawk, Spotted Towhee and Bullock’s Oriole.